2019-09-18: NEW
Minor changes were made to UI elements.

+Added enhacements to Album art in album pages.
+Updated layout/style of Sidebar featured albums
+Enhancement for Artist/Label tags. Removed text cutting & overflow.
+Now search box on homepage doesn't disappear in night mode.

We’ve started radio stream which includes variety of genre, reviews and submissions on this radio by users can be seen here

User interface Updates
What’s New / Changelog:
+ Custom scrollbar (Desktop)
+ Fade Transition Effect in 'Navigation Menu' on hover (Desktop)
+ Increased album art thumbnail size (Mobile)
+ Added "Last Year's Today" to category page, where you can see albums added in last year on same current date (Daily refreshes)
+ Added Link to filter 'Albums only' for Hindi genre (Explore page).
+ Added hover color to link "Latest Releases" & "Hindi Music" on homepage
+ Added style/color to 'Next' & 'Previous' & current page buttons on pages
+ Added color gradient to pagination bar in page bottom
- Removed Dot between Single/Album & Genre (e.g: "Single . . Dance") on homepage & categories
- Removed search icon from search menu (Mobile). Flat design implemented
- Removed extra margin between album cover & album title in sidebar
* Improved search box appearance in Top right corner (Desktop)
* Optimized Search box in 'Night Mode'
* Minor enhancement in 'Latest Releases' & 'Hindi Music' bar on homepage
* Minor enhancement in 'Track Download Links' & 'logo' fade effects.
* Minor 'Night Mode' bug fixes

NOTE: In order to experience all changes, you need to Clear your browser cache.

Now we’re skipping some of releases from ‘Magic Records’, ‘Circus records’, ‘’ (in case if you harvest catalogues, download from other sources.) As most of releases on site, from past few week are just electronic trap, We don’t want to make it more dense on site. Our main focus is on quality and variety in balanced pathway.

Recently some changes were made to label discovery. +We’ve created a daily updating playlist for top rated dance/electronic picks.
Next Scheduled database backup on Mon, June 17, 2019 00:40.

Scheduled server maintenance completed, if any of track returns error 401/404. Report us via email.

There is scheduled website maintenance on 2019-04-25 01:45 IST (Indian Standard Time), during maintenace hours website may perform slower or may encounter errors. (Update:Maintenance completed.)

There is scheduled maintenance on 2019-04-11 00:30 IST (Indian Standard Time), during maintenace hours website may perform slower or may encounter errors. If you face any issue after 06:30 IST, kindly report the issue to this email address: contact[at]

In coming weeks, we’re going to add old releases (500+) from label a’lp’, b’kv’ & c’clt’ to our database to make the catalogue perfect, albums will be uploaded chronologically (sort by: release date). So you will not see those albums on homepage/recent updates. We will feature some of those albums in album page’s sidebar.

Here’s database update, we have created new Category for Alternative, R&B/Soul albums. All the Alternative/R&B/Soul tracks which were previously merged in Pop category, now have been moved to their respective genre category.

Recently we’ve gotten expressed concern about the watermark/tag removal, as we posted in former notice. The startling feedback regarding this decision made us re-think and revise it, so we have decided to continue posting the same way as it’s ongoing.

We no longer add our site url tag “-FrkMusic.Org” in TITLE of songs.
We no longer add our logo watermark to album covers.

We are going to limit number of tracks we upload from following genre/styles:
House/Trance/Future House/Electro-House/Indie/Hardstyle/R&B/Soul/Funk/Progressive House/Drum & Bass

Purchase Feature has been disabled, if you have concern, ask from our support or send e-mail to : contact [at] frkmusic [dot] net